François JMA Meurens International Veterinary Immunology Symposium 2016

François JMA Meurens

Francois Meurens had completed his studies in Veterinary Medicine in 2000 in Belgium (“Université Catholique de Louvain” and “Université de Liège”). In 2004, he obtained his PhD in Veterinary Sciences about “Recombination in Bovine Herpesvirus 1” in Pr Thiry’s lab at “Université de Liège”. Then, he did a post-doc in VIDO (University of Saskatchewan) for 2 years. In 2006 he got a scientist position at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) in the team “Lymphocytes et Immunité des Muqueuses”. In 2010, he established his own group studying host/pathogen interactions in the porcine model and working on the development of new porcine models of human infectious diseases. In 2012, after successful researches in France, Dr Meurens moved to Canada for a Research Scientist position at VIDO-InterVac (Saskatoon). There, he worked on the establishment of a porcine model to study human chlamydiosis. In 2015, he was offered a tenure-track Professor position at Oniris (Nantes Atlantic National College of Veterinary Medicine) to teach Immunology/Microbiology and to carry out research on porcine immunology/infectious diseases.

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