Oral Presentation International Veterinary Immunology Symposium 2016

Dendritic cell and macrophages subsets: impact for vaccine strategies in large mammals (#23)

Isabelle Schwartz 1
  1. INRA, Jouy-en-Josas, N/A, France

Dendritic cell (DC) subset targeting strategies allow directing immune responses for immunomodulation and vaccination. Proofs of concept supporting the efficiency of these promising immune intervention approaches have been obtained in murine and non human primate models, however their translation to domestic animals awaits demonstration. In order to translate the knowledge of mouse DC subsets to other species, we conducted a meta-analysis of the gene expression profile and functions in DCs across warm blooded vertebrates. We identified orthologous DC subsets across species based on their compared transcriptome and we established pan-species gene expression signatures for conventional DC, plasmacytoid DC, monocyte derived-DC and monocytes/macrophages from different anatomical locations (blood, skin, lymph). From these signatures, surface receptors were selected for designing DC-targeted vaccines against influenza and Rift Valley Fever viruses in swine and sheep respectively. The benefit of these vaccines will be presented and discussed.