Poster Presentation International Veterinary Immunology Symposium 2016

Davih rapid bru, an inmunochromatographic test to diagnosis of brucella in pigs (#112)

Yanelis Cruz Santana 1 , Dervel Felipe Diaz herrera 1 , Otto Cruz Sui 1 , Anitza Fragas Quintero 1 , Dayami Martin Alfonso 1 , Lucy Montano Tamayo 1
  1. AIDS Research Laboratory (LISIDA), San José De Las Lajas, MAYABEQUE, Cuba

Diagnosis of Brucella infection is based on various serological assays, requiring laboratory conditions, trained personnel and using the animal serum as main sample. DAVIH laboratories developed a lateral flow inmunochromatographic assay, to be used in the field by unskilled personnel with blood or serum samples. The aim of this paper was to evaluate the DAVIH RAPID BRU system performance in a pig herd affected by brucellosis using a total of 348 animals. The test was performed in the same affected area under a relative humidity condition of 58,4-78,2 % and at temperature of 28,1-31,3 0C. For the test run a drop of blood was added, taken from the marginal ear vein and 4 drops of running buffer. The reading was made 15-20 minutes later. The sample is considered positive when two lines appear, one corresponding to the antigen and the other one to the control; and negative if only appeared the control line. For the final interpretation of the diagnosis of infection, the serum of these animals was analyzed with a battery of serological tests including: Bengal Rose, slow test, 2-mercaptoethanol and complement fixation reaction, as recommended by the Cuban standard for the diagnosis of brucellosis. The serum test identified 212 positive samples and 136 negative for a sensitivity of 98, 95 % and specificity of 84, 81 % compared with the final diagnosis. The test revealed adequate performance as screening test, and prove to be quick and easy; making it a useful tool to detect brucellosis in affected herds.