Poster Presentation International Veterinary Immunology Symposium 2016

 Immunogenicity of a novel adjuvant for improved subunit vaccine delivery in cattle (#119)

Jayne Hope 1 , Catherine McGuinnes 1 , Sarah Howie 2
  1. The Roslin Institute, Edinburgh, MIDLOTHIAN, United Kingdom
  2. Centre for Inflammation Research, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

The use of adjuvants is important to increase vaccine efficiency of simple protein vaccines and improved vaccine delivery to induce an appropriate immune responses is important for priming protective immunity. Nanoparticles have been assessed as vaccine delivery systems in animals and humans. We reported in mice that cobalt nanoparticles (CoNPs) stimulate Th1 biased immune responses in vivo in the absence of inflammation or toxicity and that CoNPs had adjuvant activity for ovalbumin. Herein we describe use of CoNPs in cattle demonstrating low cytotoxicity and inflammatory potential in vitro for bovine antigen presenting cells. When CoNPs were administered in vivo no adverse effects were observed. The CoNPs effectively delivered the bovine tuberculosis vaccine candidate antigen Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigen 85A (Ag85A) in vivo with production of antigen specific antibodies in serum. These data confirm the potential for CoNPs to act across species as a safe, effective vaccine antigen delivery system.